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Global and Green’ message from Mom Tri with full transcript – AY07-08

Being GREEN is being conscious of the effects of every action one takes.
Keep GLOBAL and GREEN as your life’s principles.

- Mom Luang Tri Devakul, CEO, June 2008

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Global and Green was a key message in the 2008 graduation speech delivered by ML Tri. Through it, he urged the Traidhos Community to be global in all its future thoughts and actions, commenting that this was the only way to bring peace and cooperation to the world.

Traidhos, from its conception, has been committed to making global and green core values, expressed through a commitment to operating in a sustainable and socially responsible way.

At campus planning, policy level and in practice, The Traidhos Community seeks to keep our campus, our thinking and our behaviour sustainable, thereby ensuring social responsibility to

  • our students and their parents
  • our employees
  • the communities of which we are part
  • the wider environment

Inspired by the AtKisson Compass of Sustainability, the compass tool is used at different levels throughout the Traidhos campus to encourage students, staff and policy to focus not just on green, but also on global.

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